Pomp & Circumstance: Confessions from the Comments Section is BORN!

Oh, good HEAVENS. If you dear, darling people had any idea what a heaving pound of flesh was extracted from my carcass while writing my new book, Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies, you would all run screaming to your devices to purchase this masterpiece and tremble with the resultant satisfaction. The book is about 33 “types” of classic internet commenters (trolls included) and the twisted, hilarious ways in which they reveal their secret lives via internet comments sections and social media … usually while thinking they are anonymous. The Puppy Suckler alone is worth the price of admission, but The Drunken Ranter will not be ignored, either. No punches are pulled in this indictment of our decaying culture. No one is spared the sting of the satirical whip, including myself and GOD. Plus, it’s got cartoons. The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon and we’re going to be having a ball discussing it over the coming weeks and months. I’ll also be launching my weekly Zanzibar Circus comic, as well, so come back frequently for jollies and snickers. Meanwhile, pour yourself a stiff drink and enjoy EPISODE ONE of my new YouTube series, where you’ll meet Jimmy Swayne, his co-host, Dusty Kinkertoo, and a slew of celebrity guests who couldn’t wait to do the show. Believe me: we were swatting the thirsty Famous People off like flies. Anyhow, on Episode One, Jimmy chats about this & that and reviews the fab new book, Fear and Clothing, by fellow culture-critic and all-around Doyenne of Mischievous Derring-Do, Cintra Wilson. Make that two stiff drinks while you watch. Yeah. Here’s a link to the official book trailer for Confessions from the Comments Section, too, if you’re interested, and you know you darned well ARE. We’ll meet again by moonlight.