France: Prolapsed Asshole of the West

Nah, nah, nah, nah—this is not really about the results of the supposedly nail-biting battle between Macron and Marine Le Pen. Please. Anyone who is masochistic enough to take a twig and stir it even lightly around the cesspool of French politics has long-known that there’s never been much difference between the sniveling dipshit Macron and the disingenuous, opportunistic Le Pen.

Same (but differentially ugly) sides of the same coin.

The main point, if any point is ever worth taking-away, at this juncture, is that the French are perennially useless as both members of the EU and as (dubious) members of the West, at this stage in history.

I do not say this lightly. I say this as someone of predominantly French extraction. All four grandparents, except one, were as French as blood-pudding. BOUDIN, Baby! It must have been the one parental strain from Ireland/England that led to my thoroughly unexpected and innate ability to eventually conquer every single thing I have ever fucked-up. If I were completely French, I would take the original things I fucked-up and solved, and then fuck them up again, permanently.

Ce n’est pas trop, mais merci a ZEUS … particulierment pour the bizarre ethnic mix and for small graces.

Three portions of my heritage are derived from pissy, bitchy, pompous, arrogant, melodramatic antagonistes … one forth comes from England, or possibly northern Germany. (I wish … the people in Niedersachsen are my kind of folk.

It’s all a bizarre genetic lottery, for any of us, but I can be thankful for a touch of bangers in my mash, and perhaps a bit of schnitzel in my kartoffelsalat.

And I want no grief from morons. I know of what I speak. The French (as a people in general—not by any means in entirety) are nihilistic whiners, at best. They are also, in general, irascible turds who have produced one blood-curdling (boudin!) fuck-up after another since WWI and WWII.

Since Late Antiquity, the French have always had a knack for inflicting the worst of their dysfunction upon others. Blecchhh. Yuccckkkk. Conards! More debilitating, most everyday American citizens, grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, and sundry have no CLUE that the French really started to shovel even more heaping helpings of their scatterbrained insanity onto the rest of the West after WWII, when America and the rest of the globe were reeling to recover—rebuilding to forge an onward path.

That’s when the ever-infectious French began to peddle the stinking stench of Post-Structuralism into American, English, and German universities—yesssss, starting subtly, like bloodworms and fungi, at the academic level, while most sturdy and reputable people were focused upon rebuilding and recovery.

Oh, take a look at the perverted freaks that the French exported; their names now seem interchangeable, like clowns replacing each other, over and over and over, on the stage of some desperate and disreputable circus troupe: Jacques LaCan, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, etc.—almost all of whom prided themselves upon “exploring” acts of depravity across the globe until they finally crumbled into balls of stink, dissolution, and their own self-aggrandizing versions of chronic ennui.

Yet, the febrile emanations from the diseased brains of these drunken pieces of willful cultural filth have nevertheless undergirded the educational platforms of every university curriculum since the early 1960s in the United States, Germany, and France, backed heavily and yet insidiously by blown-out Communist agitators and furtive instigators.

It was a great time for rubbishy minds to try to infect entire scholarly disciplines—while an already exhausted-but-otherwise-determined populace was busy cleaning things up in those awful, evil, capitalist WAYS!!! Yes. Believe it or not, humans once had the nerve to use actual monetary profit to refortify the very societies whose freethinking mandates made such pestilential dogmatics ever allowed, but also ever-sensibly defeated.

The French postmodernists, post-morons. Doyens of depravity who encapsulated in their sybaritic idiocy the very pits of stinking Paris and Berlin, seeking to plant the seeds of their fetid notions, not as marginal theories, but as foundational sources for all future learning, for everyone!

And they succeeded. Why?

Because everyday American and English and German and French people were too busy recovering and then navel-gazing. It happens.

Just like war, to begin with. It’s amazing to see wimpy new generations even glimpse the itty-bitty outskirts of foreign wars (Ukraine—Russia) through the lens of Kardashian Lip-Glossed Social (Diseased) Media. No concept. No clue.

Wars happen. Big, rollicking, civilization-shattering ones happen at least every 100-150 years, with lots & lots & lots of mind-boggling conflicts occurring in between.

War is to be avoided among people of evolved thought and values, but … it ain’t ever gonna work like that. Supposedly mindless species of aggressive ants get fired-up in remote jungle shadows and by the thousands they overtake and obliterate entire colonies of humdrum, relatively sedate ants.

You think humans—who have the faculties to actually plan, plot, connive, and amplify—are exempt from the very same stresses and conflicts and paradoxical impulses we see in every strata of existence, from amoebas to toads to birds to … Really?

One of the staggering reasons why people are losing their goobs with increasing ease, these days, is because the explosive diffusion of information in the past 50 years—the truly unprecedented acceleration of technological advance—has forced the “dominant” Western societies on our globe to confront, on a wide and even popular scale, the abject lie that humans were somehow immortally perfect in the beginning, created by a just Divinity, and then placed innocently in a Paradise stacked with “Don’t You Touch!” temptations placed there by the same Divinity, and then … humans fucked it all up by being curious, essentially.

GUILT GUILT GUILT GUILT GUILT … based upon the frantic embrace of bad mythology. Based upon abject lies, for those who think the “BIBLE” is some document of literal, power drill-penetrating Truth.

This kind of religious/emotional, default manner of thinking has caused, in our age, in the West, a massive cultural Disconnect like none that has ever been seen before.

The bedrock ”Guilt and Atonement” Syndrome has been proven to be a lie, at least as applied to real, widespread human existence, meaning, and purpose … and millions are waking-up to it and freaking out, whether aware of the reasons or not aware—a sense of primordial guilt is inherited just like any other part of inherited culture.

Yet, what do societies do when that veil is lifted, even briefly, and the bedrock collapses?

The Churches do not do anything. Roman Catholicism and all of its ever-unseemly pomps, glories, and even genuinely lovely attributes are mired in the grievous Primeval Guilt (Original Sin) error expounded by St. Augustine, who, in his reformed lecherousness, was uplifted to dictate a terrifying trajectory of Western civilization. The Protestants kept that insidious guilt-dogma and, in most cases, made it worse. In an ongoing fit of convoluted pique, they tried to rid themselves of “Catholic trappings” but they threw out the best parts (Mary, Art) and kept the worst—Original Sin.

And they did this based upon the ongoing, hardcore belief that the Eden story in Genesis was absolute truth.

Well, we are seeing the cultural effects of the widespread (and deserved) breakdown of this doctrine. Again, whether people are even aware of it, as a determinative element of their very lives and cultures, or not.

And, in that sense, everyday people cannot be blamed for all of the chaos.

All of Western civilization has been based upon Roman Catholic/Augustinian foundations of Original Sin and Protestant Calvinism, plus 30,000+ offshoots.

Abjectly amoral and, frankly, malformed minds like Foucault, Derrida, LaCan, and others, may have thought, in their unproductive, substance-abusing vanity, that they were filling the obvious and widening cultural gap in that respect, but rest assured that these individuals were not even remotely equipped to tackle such a vast, extraordinary issue. Weak and pallid minds can never correct even the slightest, unintentional mistakes of far greater minds—and no bigger mistake has been made in Western history than the adoption and hunkering-down of Roman Catholicism/Protestantism of the Original Sin myth.

The Eastern Christians, the Orthodox, did not accept Augustine (or Roman popes) and they reject the idea of Original Sin, leaving the fundamental question of human meaning far, far more open than the Western platform … yet the Orthodox still ascribe to a “Fall” of humanity from a prior, immortal state of existence. So, in some significant ways, the cultural effect is the same: a primordial guilt and shame.

It’s a conundrum that none of the major Churches want to acknowledge in this age. The Roman Catholic hierarchy have so dogmatized themselves into inescapable corners that the slightest admission would destroy them, and, while I count many Catholics as lifelong friends and the finest believers/Christians on earth, it would be great to see the Roman Church—at its Vatican source—somehow destroyed and humbled. I do not want the destruction of the Medieval and Renaissance masters to ever fall. Life and Fire forbid. But it would be mighty if the Popes and Cardinals rebuked their pomp, dressed themselves in sackcloth monks’ robes, turned their wealth over to lay management, and then lived in honeybee-type cells out behind the Vatican—just like the poor but cheerful monks I used to visit frequently in fire-beleaguered New Camaldoli, in Big Sur.

I have news for the Roman Catholic Church: you peaked in the Middle Ages, and only by luck. You’re very old and bulky, with lots of worldly power, ancient property, and lots of jingles and jangles, but you have been on a downhill-slide since those Middle Ages and the Reformation. And in the big picture of Western human history, you have since been a far greater detriment to society than a unifying force. Looking closely, Protestants may not be that smart, either, by any shake of the stick.

But they were smart enough to get away from YOU, Rome.

I certainly do not ascribe to general Protestant obsession with the Bible (which, ironically, Catholics compiled and ratified in the 300s AD!) and their own ongoing embrace of Original Sin literalism. I do not consider most Protestants to be in “direct connection” with the very few realities that we know with some certainty, the elements Christ truly left behind —a meal, his mother, and a mission—but I will sit in a welcoming Lutheran church (just for example) before I ever again gather around a Pope-focused altar.

Such remarks are not made in a spirit of enmity against millions of marvelous Catholic lay people, who are probably light years more holy than I; these remarks are rendered because of my conscience. Roman Catholic papal jurisdiction is a sad, broken bust of a dead pagan emperor on the dust-scrap of human history, and I wish I had sensed that earlier in my life.

I don’t belong anywhere, as usual. Yet, as so many have said before, “I will not leave my mind at the door” [of the church, or churches].

As a legitimate historian, I have some yet unspoken perspectives regarding these matters, but I can’t imagine what they might accomplish at this ominous juncture. I hope that I am quite incorrect about the future, near or far.

My primary point amid this treatise was to underscore the fact that bogus, false, outmoded. wrong, awfully stupid (and ancient!) Christian “bedrock doctrines” about primeval guilt/original sin have destroyed as many lives as they may have won or secured over the ages. And these doctrines are embedded deeply throughout the West, and while these bedrock beliefs may have been effective when people needed motivation to ACHIEVE ACHIEVE ACHIEVE (before realizing that their worldly success was not bound to primordial guilt) these motives have reached a terrifying existential limit.

Once Darwin and so many of our best scientists—so many of them unheralded and forgotten, unlike so many psychotic “saints” who have been lifted ridiculously on high—so many of these scientists shed a striking and interesting and potentially WORLD-CHANGING light. As a result, this entire era/age has been forced to confront and question, through the overwhelming aegis of social media, some of the beliefs that even now keep them on their feet and safe in their homes and shopping for supper at a local market. It’s huge.

(And beware of scientists—scientists have become as cultish and as slippery-common as preachers, these days. This is not new. Ask me about ancient Egypt or Byzantium, I dare Ya.)

Reasonably bright people know where I am coming-from with this sort of exposition. If dogmatists of religious fundamentalists seek to blow their wigs and attack me … I could not care less. I would never treat another human being—sight unseen!—with anything less than kindness and respect. I have lived my entire life in that manner. It works, mostly. Don’t be a snob, don’t be a doormat. Just be courteous and respectful to EVERYONE, even if you don’t agree on everything like doctrine.

And to wrap-up, the staggering fools like Foucault, Derrida, etc. offered the worst possible “answers” to real and burgeoning questions; these were complete, propped-up French idiots, les dilettantes sans aucun raison …

But one of the sad facts of our species is that, while certain specimens are understandably willing to sniff around any old carcass, most leave the rotting ones to decompose. Some stay and feast.

Like the bizarre, almost parallel-world failures of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism to address the explosive tension in a new era, the Post-Structuralist nincompoops have failed just as spectacularly, if not more, given the direct evidence of their inane babblings. Even Popes have known—guilefully or diplomatically or wisely—to shut their pieholes, mostly, over the past century!

When it comes to French post-Structuralist solutions to our firestorm angst in the West, their dogmas of the divorce of text from context, of the divorce of reality from experience, have borne rottener fruit— we all see the putrefaction about us.

Whores are heroes!

Criminals are saints!

Actors are philosophers!

Addicts are Enlighteners!

The Obscenely Wealthy are Lonely, Misunderstood Victims!

Confusion is a Desirable State-of-Being!

Sense is for Base Pleasure!

Sensibility is for New Puritanism!

Life is Basically Cheap … and always at the beck and call of richer grifters.

And the putrid alleyways and sewers of France are the biggest suppliers of this oozing excrement. Blame them. Or blame Paris, which is well nigh the most unworthy place for even a rat to visit. Trust me. I have lived there.

Until apathetic people of any Western nation rise up against the egregious pendulum-swing, nothing will be resolved. And it’s already too late.

If you’re in your late 30s or early 40s you may well avoid the Breaking Point.

Otherwise, buckle-up. Feast and make merry as the primary goal of life. That’s the kind of spell that 80 years of human obliviousness can cast upon an entire globe.

It’s nothing new. But we, as a species, have less excuse than ever before in history, for allowing matters to collapse in such mind-destroying ways.

We possess far, far, far, far FAR greater technological, economic, medical, educational, spiritual infrastructures and powers than ever recorded, at our very fingertips.

And in case anyone might wonder, my words are not remotely about such pedestrian dichotomies as “liberal” and “conservative.”

I truly do not recognize either of those labels in this age of huddling sheep. And I do not belong to either camp, if such camps can even be said to exist. “Be a MAN!” as Brando spluttered in The Godfather. Or, obviously, be a woman. Be an individual, if you really don’t consider yourself either one of those boring basics.

But I will pin myself down to one thing: the French are to blame for much of it.

Hey, I’m human. I wanna blame somebody else and they seem likely.

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