Month: August 2022

Revisiting the Work: Wistwood

SYNOPSIS: One tormented guy looking for a fresh start. One charming little town hungry for his pain. Wistwood. If you can get there … it already owns you. Seeking redemption, troubled writer Brask Adams heads into the wild majesty of Big Sur, California, hoping the lost town of Wistwood will offer him a fresh start at life.  But Wistwood has a way of attracting … Read More Revisiting the Work: Wistwood

Revisiting the Work: Confessions from the Comments Section

Original Book Synopsis: Internet comments sections are the Roman coliseums of the Information Age, filled with noisy spectators desperate to be heard and slobbering to be satisfied. They may try to blend-in with the crowd by employing fake usernames, but we all know what kind of people they REALLY are, once they start to trumpet their relentless opinions!  Without regard for others, folks like … Read More Revisiting the Work: Confessions from the Comments Section