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Orwellian Amazon INSANITY!

Rack and ruin, smiting and wrath, horror upon horror to the goblins, micro-gremlins and scatterbrained millennial “thinkers” that currently operate Amazon.com, a company which I now truly believe to be a devious tentacular weapon of the Illuminati (or whatever trendy cabal so many crazy-ass conspiracy theorists are barking about incessantly these days.) Get THIS shit: I have been an Amazon customer since its inception … Read More Orwellian Amazon INSANITY!

Privacy in the Age of Technology? #Fuggedaboudit

__ An epic new novel by Jonathan Kieran is slated for release in 2015. Stay tuned for more news about the book in coming months. Jonathan is also the author of the classically appointed Rowan Blaize series of modern fairy-tales and novels. Visit Jonathan Kieran’s Official Facebook Page and give it a “Like,” if you are so inclined. Meanwhile … Escape the Imminent Collapse … Read More Privacy in the Age of Technology? #Fuggedaboudit