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A Soupçon of an Update?

A whiff? A vague undertone? A telling but ultimately enigmatic glimpse of the otherwise intangible? Yeah, probably that last one. Quoi qu’il en soit, there won’t be a great deal “occurring” on the Official Jonathan Kieran site for the foreseeable future, but the reasons for any dearth of breathlessly riveting information and addictive content are good and worthy ones, I assure. Two major book … Read More A Soupçon of an Update?

Winding Up (and Down) with Wistwood

As our agitated and addlepated society performs an endless watusi in the lusty throes of its confusion, gyrating from one chaotic cultural vortex to another, life goes on for people of all backgrounds who are busy with projects major and mundane. Bread and circuses were never my thing, so best of luck to all the Caligulan lemmings out there. Have a happy Fall. Great … Read More Winding Up (and Down) with Wistwood


A pre-Halloween glimpse into the twisted mind of Mr. Kieran. #BonVoyage  

A Lazy October Update

As Summer weather malingers in the dusty woodlands of central California, I look back at an extraordinarily eventful year (even by my oft-eccentric standards) before the Holiday Onslaught. Oh, but the level of activity promises to accelerate even further in 2019, with every possible effort and device—literary and otherwise—calibrated to attain maximum overdrive at the international Frankfurt Book Expo in 2020, where I will … Read More A Lazy October Update

Classic Retro Kids’ TV On-the-Cheap by Jonathan Kieran: MR. DRESSUP

CLASSIC RETRO KIDS’ TV ON-THE-CHEAP! by JONATHAN KIERAN TODAY’S DUBIOUS HONOREE: MR. DRESSUP (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1967-1996) GUILTY OF VEHICULAR FANSLAUGHTER: Ernie Coombs (Canada’s answer to Mr. Rogers … only a lot more caffeinated and likely to bounce off the cardboard walls) RUDIMENTARY ANALYSIS: Nothing touches the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for producing tatty but creative kids’ shows that were built to last and … Read More Classic Retro Kids’ TV On-the-Cheap by Jonathan Kieran: MR. DRESSUP

Happy Thanksgiving: Zanzibar Circus 11.22.16

… Make merry and be happy. Try not to strangle your liberal or conservative loved ones over the mashed potatoes. _____________________________________________ Jonathan Kieran is the author of Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies (Brightbourne) as well as the Rowan Blaize series of epic contemporary fantasy books. He is also the creator of the comic … Read More Happy Thanksgiving: Zanzibar Circus 11.22.16

HAZMAT-RETRO SATIRE: Questionable Toys for Tots (The Pole-Dance Doll)

HAZMAT-RETRO HALL OF FAME (QUESTIONABLE TOYS FOR TOTS) posted by JONATHAN KIERAN TODAY’S DUBIOUS HONOREE: The Pole-Dance Doll! by Whizmodo RUDIMENTARY ANALYSIS: Yes, this doll was ACTUALLY manufactured and tainting toy-store shelves a few years ago, inching the world ever closer to a direct-hit by an asteroid or a galloping visit from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is why minds like mine … Read More HAZMAT-RETRO SATIRE: Questionable Toys for Tots (The Pole-Dance Doll)