Jonathan’s Books

Jonathan is the author and illustrator of Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies, a rip-roaringly hilarious and irreverent look at the crazy people inhabiting your friendly neighborhood comments sections and hastening the collapse of Western civilization, etc. Buy it now at Amazon and treat yourself to an endless parade of existential belly-laughs. You deserve it, before everything falls apart and an asteroid hits or God decides to indulge Himself in a bit of volcano-smiting.


Jonathan is also the author of the much more classically appointed and fantastical Rowan Blaize series of books published by Brightbourne in paperback and electronic formats. The fourth and final installment in the series is slated for arrival in Summer 2016. Additional works of supernatural fiction, satire, non-fiction, historical fiction, and a variety of other fun, potentially panoramic projects are planned for the future. Meanwhile, feel free to click on any of the book covers below to learn more about Rowan Blaize and purchase the books in your favorite format via Amazon.

Book One of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles

Book One of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles

Book Two of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles

Book Three of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles

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