Sorry, but Agent Smith learned it ALL at the feet of Hexadecimal. #nostalgia #animation #cybertoons


TODAY’S DUBIOUS HONOREE: “HEXADECIMAL” from the classic 1990s computer-themed Reboot cartoon (1994-2002)


RUDIMENTARY ANALYSIS: Shrill, excessively dramatic, possibly emphysematous and Borderline Personality Disordered digital sorceress/Super-Virus inhabiting (and terrorizing) the computerized cartoon Internet world called “Mainframe.” Owns familiar named “Scuzzy.” Handy with malware spells. Witch who packs a mean glitch. Can out-cackle & out-camp Charles Nelson Reilly on his best day. Looks suspiciously like Liza Minnelli’s most recent ex-husband dressed for a perverse Halloween Ball in West Hollywood.


DEFINITIVE DIALOGUE: “I adore children! But I could never eat a whole one.”

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Earning scale working as part-time screensaver on Lady Chablis’s dressing-room laptop. Campaigning for role as lead understudy in rumored Patti Lupone animated biography.


It’s tough to fight typecasting, especially for witches trapped in a never-ending tranny’s nightmare.

EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC: Behold Hexadecimal … in all of her mainframe wicked bitchery.


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