Jessica Lange hopes to save wolves from a real #AmericanHorrorStory. #gogirl

The ever-alluring and viscerally talented Jessica Lange has impressed me for years on big screens, little screens and theatrical stages in-between screens, but she is never more enchanting (no, not even as a glamor-puss witch to be reckoned-with in the upcoming season of American Horror Story:Coven, premiering October 4th, FX) than when she is using her sultry charms to fight for the rights of American wolves! The lupine population in Jessica’s native state of Minnesota has been on the upswing in recent years, prompting a relaxation of hunting restrictions, even though (as Lange and other concerned parties contend) conflicts between wolf populations and human populations (along with their livestock) have been virtually non-existent. In an effort to give the wolves of Minnesota a breather from what appears to be wholly unnecessary and sport-driven culling, Miss Jessica Lange has written a compelling and open letter (“open letters” are trending this week, SEE: Sinead O’Connor vs. Miley Cyrus) to Minnesota governor Mark Dayton asking him to put the kibosh on what sounds like an ongoing spree by bloodthirsty trophy-seekers. (Well, that’s what it sounds like … I haven’t heard the other side of the story, yet.)

Governor Dayton, you can either look into the possibility of saving the wolves of Minnesota or this lady might possibly turn you into one. Your choice.

Governor Dayton, you can either look into the possibility of saving the wolves of Minnesota or this lady might possibly turn you into one. Your choice.

The letter by the two-time (and quite deserving) Oscar-winner can be found on the Howling for Wolves site here and is well worth a read. We’ll have to see whether or not Governor Dayton responds with statistics and reasons that justify the wolf-hunting legislation beyond the need for some people to decorate their entry halls with stuffed wolves placed next to the kids’ muddy sneakers or fashion a rug to warm some fella’s gnarly toenails as he drinks beer and watches the game in his Man-Cave. In the meantime, Jessica’s missive is reasonable and diplomatic and, of all the celebs who make it such a point to dramatize their activism for various causes, Lange has always been (to my mind) one of the more measured and sensible, particularly given her penchant for playing fascinating women who seem ever-to-be-simmering on the brink of madness. Plus, you gotta love wolves, so long as the sheep are safe, and if you ask the sheep whether they feel “safer” from lonesome wolves deep in the wilds or lonesome farmers just across the barnyard … I think we all know what those sheep are gonna say. (Ahem)

Anyhow, kudos to the mesmerizing Jessica Lange for her letter of wolfy support and don’t you dare miss the premiere of the third season of American Horror Story on FX this October 4th, if good writing, great acting and being scared senseless is your cup of tea. Check local listings. The opening credits sequence for the new season has been made public and I guarantee you: it is the creepiest-looking minute of television you will see in quite some time. Have a look …

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