Beguiled by spellbound woodlands vast, to hearth and home I come at last. #NationalPoetryDay

Indeed, at long last I have returned from a month’s sojourn in beautiful Lower Saxony, Germany, to the fond and familiar surroundings of my mountain-top retreat near Big Sur, California. Autumn is beginning to assert its bold and blustery presence across our parched landscape in distinct counterpoint to the whimsical drizzle now saturating the colorful, leaf-strewn streets and lonely byways of Niedersachsen. From a land of vast heather and mystical moors I have come home to the high chaparral and windswept cliffs of NorCal, eager to explore new avenues of artistic endeavor.

The adventure abroad was filled with blithe and often unexpected encounters with magic, and the trek afforded me a spectacular opportunity to make new friends and reacquaint myself with places (and stories) that had hitherto existed only in the realms of folklore and imagination. What fodder for the tale-engineering gremlins that inhabit my impenetrable skull! A cheerful “Danke!” is extended to all those (mortal and ethereal) who made the experience so everlastingly memorable. Now, however, the time has come to settle-in and let the whimsical muse of Fall work its singular enchantments upon the quieting soul. Stay tuned for news about several scintillating developments, assorted tectonic shifts, and sundry. Change is most decidedly afoot, and the coming year promises to be bountiful with the fruits of a truly reinvigorated–and profoundly refocused–inspiration. Hijinks and hoopla to ensue … Tchuss!

A Beery German Kiss to One and All

A Beery German Kiss to One and All

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