A Lazy October Update

As Summer weather malingers in the dusty woodlands of central California, I look back at an extraordinarily eventful year (even by my oft-eccentric standards) before the Holiday Onslaught.
Oh, but the level of activity promises to accelerate even further in 2019, with every possible effort and device—literary and otherwise—calibrated to attain maximum overdrive at the international Frankfurt Book Expo in 2020, where I will be launching the two most important works of my career. It will be a monumental trek between now and then, but one which I am most devoted to undertake.
Until the Frankfurt “explosion,” I’ll remain fairly noisy on Twitter—@JonathanKieran—and will certainly pop-in from time to time on the other official sites with the odd Zanzibar cartoon or existential harangue, as is my wont. One might even countenance a metamorphosis or two as the weeks and months pass. It will be my pleasure to share anything significant. Otherwise, see you in Germany two years hence. ~J
P.S. Here’s an unabashed bragging-photo of one of my favorite writing/lunching/lolling spots atop a cliffside near Monastery Beach in Carmel, CA. Yes, it was taken today, after I had been complaining for weeks about the refusal of Summer weather to pull up stakes and drag its sweaty circus out of town. I wasn’t complaining after five minutes of reveling in this beloved aerie, however. Expect lofty work when all is said and done, given such evidently vibrant scope for imagination and sensory sustenance. Magic is afoot, in sunshine and in shadow. Amusez-vous bien.

Jonathan Kieran is the author of the Rowan Blaize series of epic contemporary fantasy books (Brightbourne 2012), as well as the critically acclaimed (Midwestern Book Review, Manhattan Book Review) Confessions From The Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop-Culture Zombies. His work has also been featured on The Daily Dot.com and in a plethora of other ‘zines, papers, and alt-weeklies. Click on the book covers above and to the right if you want to learn more about Jonathan’s titles and perhaps spend some of your hard-earned money on his multi-formatted gifts to the human race.

Jonathan is currently writing and illustrating a new masterpiece of epic dimensions. Drop-in once in awhile for updates. Mr. Kieran promises to provide them, but only once in awhile, because he doesn’t get paid to blog endlessly for free.

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