Kirkus Love Keeps Coming for Wistwood

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Lovely news just keeps coming into the midst of our secluded Summer idyll. The latest unexpected and inexorably delightful development once again wends its way to my reclusive existence courtesy of Kirkus Reviews, the gold standard for literary criticism in the USA and beyond.

It was honor enough that the Shuriken-sharp and whirling editorial minds at Kirkus bestowed upon Wistwood a thoughtful and glowing assessment. But I have now learned that my chilling novel of metaphysical mayhem and small-town monstrosity has been selected for inclusion (review and all) in the August 15 edition of Kirkus Reviews’ esteemed print magazine.

It has likewise come to my attention that less than 10% of the indie titles reviewed and considered are selected for this particular privilege by the editorial panel at Kirkus.


We are most grateful and possibly even a bit giddy, to put it mildly.

Writing a proper long-form literary work is a lonely business, with no guarantee of validation. Writing such a work well involves the usual shedding of blood, sweat, and tears, along with with that exasperating pound of flesh having been extracted and dropped somewhere along the tortuous path, never to be found again. (Who would want to find it? Think of the flies!) And still there is no guarantee of ultimate validation for one’s prolonged and nerve-shredding effort.

But there’s validation now, baby. Oh yeah.

Thank you, Kirkus editors. Long may your ninja-critiques whirl.


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