Oh, Whoop-dee-Freakin’-Doo

I despise it and I have always despised it when news agencies—especially religiously affiliated news agencies—have the temerity, idiocy, and complete lack of shame (much less a sense of irony) to publish articles like THIS ONE. Apparently, some Roman Catholic Church in Turkey was devastated along with thousands of other structures in the recent catastrophic earthquakes BUT, lo and behold, a gaudy statue of the Virgin Mary and Child was “preserved” from ruin and remained standing.

I’d like to take a sledgehammer and shatter it into pieces myself. With no disrespect intended to the Lady and the Child represented by the piece of crappy artwork, I find it appalling that Catholic news outlets publish this sort of drivel. The death toll from the quakes is expected to exceed 56,000 HUMAN BEINGS—People! With names! With loved ones who shall never see them again!—and the Roman Catholic nitwits seem to celebrate the entirely random “survival” of a piece of plaster as some sort of mysterious and awe-inspiring “sign”.

It’s apparent that they want their readers to imagine the Deity expending great miracle-powers in order to “save” a banal sculpture from earthly cataclysms while not feeling the need to direct any of that supposed miraculous energy toward sparing the lives of thousands of living, breathing persons. And then we are supposed to “Oooh” and “Ahhhh” at the might and mercy of the same said Deity, whose priorities clearly tend toward the psychotic? This nonsense is akin to a bunch of midwestern Americans gathering to pray in the aftermath of a ferocious tornado when they discover an entire house has been obliterated, but, by golly, a lone refrigerator has been left standing. MIRACLE! Let us praise the Lawd!

No wonder humans across the world are philosophically emaciated and embracing atheism, if THIS is the best advertisement great religions have got for their dawdling, bumbling divinities. Even sadder: I used to know certain people who would seriously gobble-up this bullshit like treacle and find their “faith” affirmed. What a bunch of maroons.


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