One (Even a Shark) Must First “Go Way” in Order to “Come Back”

A number of news outlets (mostly crap British tabloids) have been touting the “new sensation” stirred in the past couple of weeks by footage of the 17–20-ish ft. long shark known as “Deep Blue.” The admittedly gargantuan beastie was filmed in the waters off now-banned-to-shark-tourism Guadalupe Island in Mexico.

Well, the footage remains impressive and, moreover, it has … remained. The material was first published via YouTube and various news sources in 2015 and it hasn’t ever been removed or obscured. It has continued to rack-up millions of views and countless analytical articles and memes and every manner of commentary, the pedestrian and the professional. Yet these tabloids seem to insist that it’s all being rediscovered to the point of fresh global astonishment.

Just further proof that repetitive sensationalism and duplicity continue to run rampant, even in the niche of Great White Shark media. Deep Blue is a pretty (and pretty huge) Mama of the Sea, but she’s certainly no longer an ingenue.

(BTW: I never thought Deep Blue was 20ft long. Certainly, she was close to the six ton weight range—a magnificent specimen—but in the renowned video footage I think she tops out at 18ft. maximum. By now, of course, she may indeed be pushing 20 ft. and approaching the heft of a schoolbus, but she hasn’t been reliably documented again, save for a brief appearance at a Hawaiian whale-carcass feeding three years ago or so. Strange mermaid-pest Ocean Ramsey has claimed to swim with “Deep Blue” off Hawaiian waters in separate footage, but I contest that claim. She is swim-prancing alongside and touching/harassing a clearly pregnant and whale-meat satiated female Great White, but it is not “Deep Blue”—the shark in Ramsey’s videos is 15ft maximum and some blatantly deceptive camera work is employed to make the large shark look even bigger. At all events, there are considerably longer and larger Great White sharks out there than Ramsey’s self-serving photo-op subject, and, believe it or not, Great Whites that are even bigger than Deep Blue herself. 25-ft specimens have been reasonably, if anecdotally, documented. Happy surfing, y’all.)


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