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Flashback Friday

Another impending move, another house sold … the semi-peripatetic life has suited me for creative, financial, and spiritual reasons since the days of my youth. I am happy to report that the present days (and what “youth” remains) are still being spent in the pursuit of adventure and whatever alluring-but-elusive glimpses of magic may be attained amid this mortal coil. Speaking of the Sweet … Read More Flashback Friday

Post-Christmas Narcissistic Food Porn

Yes, I am hereby and at last engaging in that ”time-honored” FB tradition of displaying one’s private FOOD PREPARATIONS for the awestruck wonderment of those inhabiting cyberspace. Because we ALL KNOW how crucial it is that untold others see exactly what we are about to put into our mouths and proceed to masticate, thus launching the arduous and biologically complex process of human digestion. … Read More Post-Christmas Narcissistic Food Porn

Because we all know #anyone can do it. #trueartistry

_________ Jonathan Kieran’s (as-yet-untitled) new novel is slated for release in late Spring 2014. Look for news about the release here and at in the coming weeks and months. Jonathan is also the author of the classically appointed Rowan Blaize series of modern fairy-tales and novels. Visit Jonathan Kieran’s Official Facebook Page and give it a “Like,” if you are so inclined. Meanwhile … Read More Because we all know #anyone can do it. #trueartistry

My Post-Christmas “Glutton-Boy Blues.” #holidayexcess #redemption

JONATHAN’S POST-CHRISTMAS “GLUTTON BOY BLUES” You swore you wouldn’t overdo it, promised moderation, but in the New Year aftermath of “booze obliteration” your Tower of Indulgence has collapsed into a heap, and on your glutton-head it fell while you were fast asleep. You woke up with a headache and a tongue like salted pork. And all because you couldn’t halt that shovel called “a … Read More My Post-Christmas “Glutton-Boy Blues.” #holidayexcess #redemption

The world of dating is a tale of meet, greet & eat for #tarantulas.

Mark Your Calendars! To Celebrate Halloween 2013, Jonathan’s wild & witchy All Hallows Eve-themed novel for adults, Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy, will be available for FREE KINDLE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD from 12AM October 27 until midnight October 31! That’s 5 days to scoop up this cauldron’s brew-of-a-tale, set amidst the magical mischief and mayhem of St. Augustine, America’s Oldest City. Click … Read More The world of dating is a tale of meet, greet & eat for #tarantulas.