My Post-Christmas “Glutton-Boy Blues.” #holidayexcess #redemption

"May running-shoes dispel the blues of all the crap you've eaten."

“May running-shoes dispel the blues of all the crap you’ve eaten.”


You swore you wouldn’t overdo it, promised moderation,
but in the New Year aftermath of “booze obliteration”
your Tower of Indulgence has collapsed into a heap,
and on your glutton-head it fell while you were fast asleep.
You woke up with a headache and a tongue like salted pork.
And all because you couldn’t halt that shovel called “a fork.”
You lapped-up bowls of gravy and the stuffing you inhaled.
You gnawed upon each turkey-leg — the sirloin steaks impaled!
And then you washed it down with gulps of bubbly and of beer
and had the nerve to really think: “I’m not so bad this year!”
But all the scattered cookie-crumbs and candy-wrappers tell
the TRUTH about your greedy ways, your gastronomic hell!
You know there’s only one way to remove the sting of shame
and that requires exercise–enough to leave you lame!
So out into the winter day your bloated carcass stumbles,
and off you trot for seven miles as every muscle grumbles.
It takes you two full hours as you jog your sins away
while from your pores the Grease of Excess streams into the day!
Just one more hill and maybe all this self-inflicted pain
will cleanse your sorry system of the water you’ve retained.
And that is when your New Year TRULY starts and guilt is beaten …
… may running-shoes dispel the blues of all the crap you’ve eaten.

~JONATHAN KIERAN. Copyright 2014.
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