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~The World of Rowan Blaize: Character Profiles~

The realm of ancient sorcerer Rowan Blaize is one in which otherwise hidden worlds collide with (or dwell alongside) our own mortal sphere. Rowan’s existence is played-out across landscapes and dreamscapes that encompass “worlds within worlds,” providing the observant traveler ample opportunity to encounter creatures of dazzling magical qualities. Some of these beings are friendly, others are belligerent, and still others have a hard time deciding among the various options. From one universe to the next, certain things never change. Enjoy meeting the main characters of Rowan’s adventurous story in the profiles below and remember: wherever the world and whomever the wayfarer … only enchantment is immortal.

Character Name: Ariadne

*IMDb Dream-Portrayal By :

In a million universes I could not think of a better actor to play "Auntie Ariadne" than the great Kathy Bates. This photo of Kathy playing the Queen of Hearts exhibits some of the traits I would envision Aunt Ariadne to possess ... in spades.

In a million universes I could not think of a better actor to play “Auntie Ariadne” than the great Kathy Bates. This photo of Kathy playing the Queen of Hearts exhibits some of the traits I would envision Aunt Ariadne to possess … in spades.

Nature/Occupation: Sorceress and demigoddess. Aunt of Rowan Blaize. Sister of Rowan’s Mother. Original mistress of Bror.

Age: Probably around 7,000 years (though she isn’t likely to admit to more than five millennia. No way.)

Background: In the realm of Rowan’s adventures, Ariadne was a powerful sorceress on the European continent (not to mention other parts of the world) and was outgoing enough to be worshipped as a goddess by mortals at certain junctures of ancient history. Gregarious and enamored of her own fame, she was a keen patron of the arts and was indeed a “collector” of those who practiced the arts, depending upon her unpredictable romantic whims. It is known that she spent a fair amount of time in the company of Circe, terrorizing and toying with shipwrecked sailors in the Aegean. Perhaps due to a long-frenetic lifestyle, she is a witch who seems to “show her age” just a bit more than others. Therefore, “Auntie Ariadne” lives a much more sedate existence these days in her posh, ghost-infested Holland Park mansion, smoking Bloodworm Weed, drinking ambrosia and admiring the examples of “sculpture” she has amassed over the ages. She is a sorceress who keeps her “affairs” in order … from one crowded room to another. Poor Bror, we presume, was left to do the dusting.

Significant Traits: Ariadne has a stupendous memory, like most immortal beings of her milieu, and is one of the savviest enchantresses of all time. There are few spells the now somewhat portly matron has failed to master, including the means to transform back into the stunning physical appearance she enjoyed in her prime. For all her power, however, Auntie Ariadne is perhaps not the most personally trustworthy witch … which is apparently “a thing” with many of history’s exceptionally talented sorceresses.

Unique Powers/Abilities: Ariadne is particularly adept at summoning and dominating any kind of demon imaginable (along with a few that aren’t imaginable) and was untouchable when it came to transmogrification involving stonework.

Classic Quote: “This is nothing when compared to some of my old tricks. Ugh. That demon’s brains are sizzling on the hearthside bricks!”

Featured In: Book One. Ariadne’s abandoned London mansion features significantly in Book Two. (Rowan Blaize and Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy)

*If I am ever fortunate enough to see Rowan’s adventures adapted for film or for the stage, this is the actor (or creature) I can most readily visualize playing the character in a given profile.


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