~The World of Rowan Blaize: Character Profiles~ by JONATHAN KIERAN

The realm of ancient sorcerer Rowan Blaize is one in which otherwise hidden worlds collide with (or dwell alongside) our own mortal sphere. Rowan’s existence is played-out across landscapes and dreamscapes that encompass “worlds within worlds,” providing the observant traveler ample opportunity to encounter creatures of dazzling magical qualities. Some of these beings are friendly, others are belligerent, and still others have a hard time deciding among the various options. From one universe to the next, certain things never change. Enjoy meeting the main characters of Rowan’s adventurous story in the profiles below and remember: wherever the world and whomever the wayfarer … only enchantment is immortal.

Character Name: Miranda

*IMDb Dream-Portrayal By: Alexandra Breckenridge (as 34 year-old Miranda)

The gifted Alexandra Breckenridge would be ideal to play the role of Rowan's constant companion, Miranda, as described in the novel 'Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy.' To me, she exudes a natural charm suited to the nature of Rowan's mortal changeling pal.

The gifted Alexandra Breckenridge would be ideal to play the role of Rowan’s constant companion, Miranda, as described in the novel ‘Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy.’ To me, she exudes a natural charm suited to the nature of Rowan’s mortal changeling pal.

Nature/Occupation: Human Changeling-child and, later, the ever-faithful “foundling” friend of Rowan Blaize.

Age: 14 by the time Rowan meets Miranda in Book One … 30-something by the time of the events described in Book Two.

Background: Miranda was stolen from her crib as an infant by one of faery King Narzell’s gruesome shadwock scouts. Replaced with a piglet in that crib, Miranda later learned that her parents died of broken hearts while she went on to be raised in the service of Narzell and his motley court. Therein, she was forced to be a scribe and occasional petty thief, prevented from escape by a cruel spell cast by the king himself. Miranda met Rowan Blaize not long after his perilous fall to earth and, with an emerald blade she had stolen from her threadbare master, set the warlock free from a net made of banshee-hair. Rowan later returned the favor in a marvelous way and Miranda has been his loyal ward and assistant ever since. Is there a chance she might be in love with our dashing warlock? Only Book Four can reveal the answer to that question … and so far it hasn’t whispered a thing about it to me.

Significant Traits: Miranda is an intrepid and lovely mortal child born in the suburbs of London … before the shadwock played such a horrifying switcheroo. By the time of the events described in Book Two, she is indeed a grown woman. A person of great decency and respect, Miranda prefers to age naturally, despite Rowan’s offer to cast a spell that might keep her young for as long she would wish. He doesn’t want to lose his friend to the ravages of time, but she is her own person when it comes to understanding the realities of human destiny. Aside from Rowan, there is no one with whom she would rather nap by a roaring fire than Bror the Mastiff.

Unique Powers/Abilities: Miranda is a gifted artist, wily internet researcher, talented computer programmer, and a savvy party-planner (i.e. she knows which goblins to invite and which dryads ought to be left off the list).

Classic Quote: “His crabby little army treats me like some stupid punk. But I can lose them when I wish, for half the time they’re drunk.”

Featured In: Book One (Rowan Blaize), Book Two (Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy) and Book Four (Untitled).

* If I am ever fortunate enough to see Rowan’s adventures adapted for film or for the stage, this is the actor (or creature) I can most readily visualize playing the character in a given profile.


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