The World of Rowan Blaize (Character Profiles) by Jonathan Kieran: Gertrude “Gert” Gokey

~The World of Rowan Blaize: Character Profiles~

A sweeping modern fairy-tale is born. Book One is the magical cornerstone … the subsequent Rowan Blaize novels build the enchanted world. Click here for the special $0.99 Kindle e-book downloads!

The realm of ancient sorcerer Rowan Blaize is one in which otherwise hidden worlds collide with (or dwell alongside) our own mortal sphere. Rowan’s existence is played-out across landscapes and dreamscapes that encompass “worlds within worlds,” providing the observant traveler ample opportunity to encounter creatures of dazzling magical qualities. Some of these beings are friendly, others are belligerent, and still others have a hard time deciding among the various options. From one universe to the next, certain things never change. Enjoy meeting the main characters of Rowan’s adventurous story in the profiles below and remember: wherever the world and whomever the wayfarer … only enchantment is immortal.

Character Name: Gertrude “Gert” Gokey

*IMDb Dream-Portrayal By: Queen Latifah

In my mind, only the inimitable Queen Latifah could bring the sort of class, sass, and brass required to play my favorite witch and pepper-shop owner, Gert Gokey.

In my mind, only the inimitable Queen Latifah could bring the sort of class, sass, and brass required to play my favorite witch and pepper-shop owner, Gert Gokey.

Nature/Occupation: Witch and co-owner of the Datil Be The Day Gourmet Pepper Emporium

Age: Hundreds of years, at the very least … and Gert is not the least bit hesitant to admit as much. She’s quite convinced she’s “earned” it.

Background: Gert, like her constant companion, Letty, hails from some sort of shadowy European background, but her origins appear to have been a bit humbler that were Letty’s. In fact, Gert alludes often to her girlhood in some mountainous woodland region, where she learned her spellcraft from various eccentric family members associated with the great (and smelly) witch, Baba Yaga. Gert’s somewhat exotic nature and iridescent ebony skin, however, hint at supernatural origins even more mysterious than her limited biographical details thus far imply. Look for some astonishing answers to your deeper “Gert Gokey Questions” in the Book Four novel arriving this Fall.

Significant Traits: Gert loves hearing a good story, telling a good story, hearing about a good drink, drinking a good drink, and she is unabashedly addicted to reality TV. She has a soft-spot in her heart for child “beauty pageant” contestants and, if she were not so dedicated to operating her gourmet pepper shop, believes she would be a superb nightclub proprietress and talent agent.

Unique Powers/Abilities: Gert is a dab-hand at divination spells, often using the most mundane objects imaginable for such tricky enchantments (e.g. her “scrying pan”). She is also quite skillful when it comes to mastering fire in virtually any circumstance … especially the most dangerous circumstances.

Classic Quote: “Just spit in the wok like I told you, Letty.”

Featured In: Book Two (the novel Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy) and Book Four (As-yet-Untitled)

*If I am ever fortunate enough to see Rowan’s adventures adapted for film or for the stage, this is the actor (or creature) I can most readily visualize playing the character in a given profile.


One witty 2,800 year-old warlock. A suspicious storm that hurls him to earth near London. A goddess who wants to destroy the world. The catch? She needs Rowan’s face. REMOVED.

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