A voice that could peel the barnacles from a boat. #literarycharacters

~The World of Rowan Blaize: Character Profiles~ by JONATHAN KIERAN

NAME: Dendara Cubbidge

IMDb Dream Portrayal By: Monica Horan

Hands-down, the gleefully goofy and girlishly glorious Monica Horan would be ideal in a cameo role as Dendara Cubbidge, banshee vocalist extraordinaire.

Hands-down, the gleefully goofy and girlishly glorious Monica Horan would be ideal in a cameo role as Dendara Cubbidge, banshee vocalist extraordinaire.

NATURE/OCCUPATION: Local manifestation of the Bean Sidhe (a freakin’ “Banshee,” okay?)

AGE: I’m getting the distinct impression (from my own mind, of course) that Dendara Cubbidge is an Irish immigrant at least a century older than the Floridian community to which she relocated … ostensibly to get out of the fogs and the bogs and embrace the steamy, sun-drenched groves draped with Spanish Moss. This would make her roughly 550, give or take a decade.

BACKGROUND: Dendara is, as mentioned, one of the Bean Sidhe and hails from some unknown woodland clime on the Emerald Isle. There, she presumably spent her salad-days honing various skills in the weeping, wailing, whistling, moaning, howling, groaning, and alerting-otherwise-unsuspecting-mortals-to-the-approach-of-imminent-death departments. Despite the mist-shrouded obscurity of her origins, we may deduce a couple of interesting things about Dendara’s milieu. First, it seems likely that she had an Egyptophyle in the immortal woodpile, since she is named after the Greek designation for the ancient city that served as the cult center of the love-goddess, Hathor, along the sultry banks of the Nile. Maybe Dendara’s mother booked a cruise and was inordinately impressed with the Land of the Pharaohs at some point in her harrowing existence. Who can say? Banshees deserve to benefit from top-notch travel arrangements and exotic experiences abroad like anyone else. It also seems probable that Dendara’s particular branch of the Sidhe was one that boasted significant musical inclinations–at least when it came to inclinations above and beyond the entirely work-related “Primal Scream” mode of vocalizing.

UNIQUE POWERS/ABILITIES: As the lead singer in her namesake “Dendara Cubbidge’s Banshee Band,” Dendara could sing like no other denizen of the magical community in sleepy, witchy, ghostly St. Augustine, Florida. Her multi-octave range was said to have the power to smash windows as thick as the ones guarding the bloated patrons in Dunkin’ Donut restaurants along San Marco Avenue and could likewise, at its zenith, peel the barnacles right off the boats as they bobbed in the idyllic bay. Residing, it is said, just outside St. Augustine in the town of Elkton, where she was apparently active in the parish church of St. Ambrose (would you expect anything less of a good Irish Catholic Sidhe?), Dendara’s exquisite musical stylings were accompanied by an incubus from Palatka and a druid hag from Anastasia Island, who played the sawgrass-flute and an ogre-ivory keyboard, respectively. One presumes this uber-hip trio never had trouble packing any joint in the metaphysical sphere along Florida’s First Coast.

SHINING MOMENT: If warlock Rowan Blaize hired Dendara and her band for his de rigeur All Hallow’s Eve gala, you know they were as satisfying as the roasted echidna scales that the caterers were dishing-out.

FEATURED IN: Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy (Enchanted Heritage Chronicles Book Three)

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