We all have a “Swamp THANG” in the woodpile, I suspect. #literarycharacters

~The World of Rowan Blaize: Character Profiles~ by JONATHAN KIERAN

NAME: WarrowWize

IMDb Dream Portrayal By: Steve Buscemi

You can't get any swampier than the great Steve B.

You can’t get any swampier than the great Steve B.

NATURE/OCCUPATION: Dithering, Blithering, Nostril-Hair Withering Swamp THANG

AGE: 275 Years

BACKGROUND: WarrowWize obviously didn’t emerge ex nihilo from a bit of dead driftwood or a particularly gelatinous porridge of pond-scum. He had a rasping, wheezing, water-breathing Mama and Papa like any other humanoid lizard-man with amphibious characteristics and gills draped like mud-flaps across his collarbones. WarrowWize was somebody’s bouncing baby boy, at one time. How long he has been inhabiting his favored stretch of swampland along Old Moultrie Road in St. Augustine, Florida, is anyone’s guess. The evidence seems to indicate that WarrowWize is a Swamp THANG who likes to wander about and see what’s happening in the wider world, every now and then, so we cannot rule-out the possibility that he may have wandered into his current haunt from some other mucky locale long, long ago.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Sloppy, soppy, with skin-folds floppy, WarrowWize is a gentle soul behind his decidedly grotesque and terrifying visage. He enjoys moonlit walks through woodland and town, so long as the weather is suitably and stiflingly humid. It isn’t easy maintaining a respectably slimy complexion while out of the brackish water, after all. WarrowWize is also a gregarious fellow, who, unlike most males of any species, is unafraid to stop and ask politely for directions if he finds himself lost on the way to a kickin’ party.

UNIQUE POWERS/ABILITIES: Canoe-tipping, alligator-wrestling and (Other)world-class spelunking.

SHINING MOMENT: Knocking at a human stranger’s midnight door to seek directions just as The Creature from the Black Lagoon was playing on basic cable. Timing is everything in worlds both magical and mortal.

FEATURED IN: Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy

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