Early Wistwood Love from Goodreads

Consumers of literature in all of its breathtaking diversity are guaranteed to be found lurking among the virtual stacks at Goodreads.

How lovely it is to receive some early love from the reviewers there so soon after the release of Wistwood. 

I never thought that a horror book can have beauty in it. I stand corrected.
Wistwood is a poetic nightmare that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is a book that every reader must and will experience in his/her own way, there is no way around it. It is an allegory of life itself, intense and disturbing, yet at the same time full of beauty.
A one in a million piece of craftsmanship that will touch you one way or another.



Jonathan Kieran’s new dark, creepy, disturbing, epic, Wistwood, is available now at all major international retailers and suppliers. Buy it in digital or print today. Want a short-cut? Click on the link above and to the right. All of Mr. Kieran’s efforts are stacked there.


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