Wistwood Contest on Goodreads


Well, well, friends and connoisseurs of evocative, disturbing, atmospheric and horrifyingly twisted chiaroscuros in the form of literary epics, take heed! You may soon be able to experience the dual adrenaline floods generated by letting the savory decadence of my craftsmanship soak into your tastebuds AND by winning something for free.

Yeah, you heard me.

Goodreads is currently holding a contest and 15 blessed and highly favored winners will win print copies of my new supernatural horror novel, Wistwood.

It’s Day Three of the contest and already more than 800 fans have entered, eager for their chance to bathe in the baleful blood of Providential reward, but there’s still 9 whole days left to put your name into the mix. If you’re not a member of Goodreads (and you really ought to be) then hightail it to Goodreads.com and sign-up for all sorts of opportunities (but especially for Wistwood.) 

If already a Goodreads devotee, fly from this site and enter the Wistwood contest forthwith. All it takes is a magical click of the following link:



Jonathan Kieran’s new, dark, and disturbing supernatural epic, Wistwood, is available now at all major international retailers and outlets. Buy it in digital or print today. Want a short-cut? Click on the link above and to the right. All of Mr. Kieran’s efforts are there stacked, ready to be purchased, and tantalizingly consumed.

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