Winding Up (and Down) with Wistwood

As our agitated and addlepated society performs an endless watusi in the lusty throes of its confusion, gyrating from one chaotic cultural vortex to another, life goes on for people of all backgrounds who are busy with projects major and mundane. Bread and circuses were never my thing, so best of luck to all the Caligulan lemmings out there. Have a happy Fall.

Great things continue to happen, however, with the ongoing release of Wistwood as a long and difficult Summer segues into the brief but promising oasis of Autumn refreshment. (Don’t get too excited: it’s still going to be a bumpy Remainder-of-2020 and Beyond. Ho hum.)

Aside from the fact that the long-promised updates to WordPress turned out to be as bone-headedly moronic, superfluous, and annoying as I expected them to be, I’m happy to communicate via this now-questionable medium that Wistwood is the subject of a smokin’ hot full-page piece in the September 15th print and online editions of the esteemed Kirkus Magazine.

Have a gander at the image below and share my ecstasy. Otherwise, I haven’t got the slightest interest in writing a damn thing for the brain-dead public in general on this blog. (Faithful readers excepted–all three of you.) When a publisher buys my next astounding novel and pays me big heaps of wampum, then I’ll unleash a veritable Niagara of Revelatory Inner Feelings. Until then, expect infrequent and unenthusiastic updates.

Here’s the full-pager from Kirkus, by the way:

#JonathanKieran #Author #Wistwood #Kirkus #KirkusMagazine #Writers #Novels #IHateWordpress #WhatAWaste


My previous publications are stacked upward and to the right. Click on the book covers to buy them from Amazon or learn more. Namarie, y’all.

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