Speak, Lucid Dreamer!

Well, it was one hell of a dream to ring-in the New Year. And I may mean that literally. Shadows threaten from the sky and tectonic plates shift beneath unsteady feet. Matters are going to get a tad metaphysical from now on. Maybe even thaumaturgical.  Count upon heaps of the cryptic, as well. 

There, there. Providence will reveal Its designs and Its infinite array of design-alternatives.

Providence tends to do that with every waking or unconscious millisecond. Be not amazed.

Meanwhile, when all seems lost—and when the Lost seem All—embark upon an expedition. The best treasure one could possibly discover and claim?

An island of one’s own, of course.


Jonathan Kieran is the author of the Rowan Blaize series of fantasy books, the bestselling Amazon Pop Culture No. 1, Confessions from the Comments Section, and his latest, Kirkus-acclaimed & featured horror novel, Wistwood. Jonathan lives in the Ventana Highlands near Big Sur, CA, and has two upcoming books in the works along with a number of exciting cyber-developments in 2021. Stay tuned and learn more about Jonathan’s releases by clicking the book covers on the upper right of your screen.

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