A Soupçon of an Update?

A whiff? A vague undertone? A telling but ultimately enigmatic glimpse of the otherwise intangible?

Yeah, probably that last one.

Quoi qu’il en soit, there won’t be a great deal “occurring” on the Official Jonathan Kieran site for the foreseeable future, but the reasons for any dearth of breathlessly riveting information and addictive content are good and worthy ones, I assure.

Two major book and illustrative projects are in the middle stages of completion at this point in time (yes, I am working on them simultaneously for time is indeed of the essence … who the hell knows when the next cataclysm will strike our bewitched, bothered, and beleaguered species?)

The writing projects will be, by far, the most formidable of my unconventional oeuvre, to date, when complete. Both have been over twenty years in the making, in some form or another, labyrinthine and variegated. Oh, woe is me. Or they. Things ought to congeal into some manner of recognizable life-form around the middle of next year, however.

Originally, I had hoped that at least one of the two projects might be ready to foist upon the unsuspecting earth before Christmas 2021. But that was ambitious, and laughably so. Oh, ha. Ha ha ha ha. There is simply too much to organize when one’s research notes alone account for over 300,000 words. Moreover, the project of which I speak at the moment is academic in nature, so it will require that extra heaping helping of meticulousness spiced by the obsessive seasonings only I could manage to pestle in the fathomless mortar of my brain. The second of the works will be nearly as voluminous but the illustrative work shall require the lion’s share of dedicated concentration in that case.

Gargantuan effort will be required, and no mistake. I’m tired just thinking about pretending not to be thinking about it. But it’s all going to be a great deal of fun, too, once the Powers and Potencies are Conjured, and these are the things we live for, apres tout.

Both will be “legacy-level” works, to put it mildly. Whether anyone ever actually reads them is almost beside the point, to be honest. They may end-up being more suited for sequestering in a time-capsule, the way humanity is spinning off its goddamned axis. Whatever the case, it seems not only certain but mandatory that both works be complete by Christmas 2022 for two reasons:

(1) I honestly don’t think I’m going to have much emotional energy or desire left for any further books after these two door-stoppers are in the bag. (Oh, maybe I’ll leave the door open for one or two subsequent and rambling efforts I can toy-around with into old age; endless yarn-spinning to amuse the self and nothing more.)

(2) This entire freakin’ Official Site is going to undergo a massive overhaul and become an artisanal shoppe by January 2023.

Forget prudence, baby. Adaptation is the better part of valor.

See you around.


2 Comments on “A Soupçon of an Update?

  1. Ok,that’s it.Two Major Works before last Christmas.We see that a Gargantuan backload of thousands of notes is required.Excuse me,Superman,but I ‘ve heard this before,trailed by a long string of award-winning reasons why we should discuss the likelihood of NEXT Christmas.Not happening. But now I have it.It’s writers.It’s YOU,and your mixing up batches of nuts and lentils and other body building mash.You’ve been eating that concoction instead of writing (maybe later) for years-you’re still the picture of health and they keep stocked up on couscous.for you. Some kind of chemical potion like I described makes a connection between master works promised to the eager eyeballs waiting.and episodes of Schittz Creek,which has to come first.Don’t be silly.Never mind that phone ringing. By the way,DO NOT become any more stunningly handsome,like Daniel Levy.There’s no hope for any one if you do that.We’re only so strong and focused.


    • Why, there is lentil “mash” in the fridge this very minute, wouldn’t ye know. But two more big books will be sufficient, I tell ya. And I’m going to have to gird my loins to pull both of them out of the proverbial hat, even though they are “mostly” finished, having been in the works for so long. I’m going to have to summon that feisty little gremlin in my head that refuses to be daunted by anything. Why? Because writing books (or at least writing them well) is becoming a pain in the ass! I’m enjoying woodworking MUCH more these days. Ha ha on the Schitts Creek reference. I could live in that motel. 😄

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