Nunsense and Big Screen Dreams

Initially, I was going to write a snarky article about the two nuns in Southern California who embezzled from the private Catholic school they were running in order to go on luxurious gambling vacations together. The old battle-axes robbed working people to the tune of $850,000 by setting up a Very Special Sister Slush Fund to maintain their less than immaculately starched habits. (Ha ha ha the jokes simply write themselves whenever Catholics are involved.) When the constituents of this Catholic academy complained that these manly looking Ladies of the Wimple were always jetting off to Vegas while the school itself was operating on a shoestring budget, the gals allegedly declared that a “rich uncle” was footing the bill for their extracurricular nunsense. At all events, the Concubines of Satan got caught and the bigger, burlier, more diesel-ready of the two Holy Terrors fessed up. She has repented and is going to spend a probably eventful year in jail, so all I have left to say is that Roman Catholicism (or at least that institution’s Persons in Power) remains the gift that keeps on taking. There you have it.

Otherwise, I’ll mention only that, among any number of moribund projects in my hopper, there is now also a short film. Yes, my first. The screenplay is flowing blithely from the synapses even as we languish together in relative obscurity, Gracious Reader. Just wait until I am able to tell you about the things I will be forced to do in order to raise investment capital for the project. No wayward nuns involved. Scout’s Honor.

Eh, that’s it for today. Carry on.

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