Another Soul-work Comes to Full Fruition …

The moment draws nearer at long last. A new album will be released across all international streaming and sales outlets (Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, Deezer, etc., etc.) on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Thirteen original songs written, arranged, and performed by singer-songwriter Jonathan Kieran. JERICHO—a harrowing sonic journey through desolation, discovery, and redemption. Produced by Jonathan Kieran for Treehouse Ladder Music in association with Every Tuesday Productions.


With his debut album, JERICHO, singer-songwriter Jonathan Kieran unveils a striking song-cycle that draws upon original and retro-electronica/ambient soundscapes to traverse a haunting spectrum of the human spirit. From gothic laments and trippy, elegiac anthems that explore tormented pathways of the human soul, to stark piano ballads reflecting the exaltation of desire and gratitude, Kieran navigates a distinctly personal pathway between forces of Darkness, Light, and Shadow. Weaving themes of yearning, grief, anger, loss, and redemption into a sonic tapestry at once harrowing and healing, Jonathan Kieran has crafted a signature work that should remain emblematic of the spiritual quest for many years to come.

In addition to his work as a singer and songwriter, Jonathan Kieran is a Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Reviews, and Manhattan Book Reviews-acclaimed author of several works of fiction (Wistwood, Rowan Blaize) and non-fiction (Confessions from the Comments Section). Jonathan is also an award-winning multi-media illustrator, woodworker and editor. He lives in the woodlands of Northern California. For more information about Jonathan’s life and diverse expressions of artistry, visit his official website at or follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for additional news about the October 25, 2022 release date.


To me, it really is all about manifesting visions and songs of both spirit and intellect while navigating this mortal coil. Know thyself by duty … show thyself in beauty.

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