Jonathan Kieran JERICHO

Today is indeed the day. Worldwide release of Jonathan Kieran’s debut album, JERICHO, is realized across the entire spectrum of digital media. Click HERE for a convenient collection of links to your favorite streaming/digital sales outlets and take some time to sample clips from each of the album’s thirteen original tracks.

With JERICHO, singer-songwriter and multimedia artist Jonathan Kieran unveils a striking song-cycle that draws upon original and retro-electronica/ambient soundscapes to traverse a haunting spectrum of the human spirit. Gothic laments, trippy, elegiac pop-anthems, and stark piano ballads explore ethereal pathways of the human soul, reflecting the exultant-yet-harrowing side of the spiritual quest.

The album’s first promotional single, THIS IS THE FIRE (Turns All of Heaven Blue), can be heard in its entirety in video form on Jonathan’s YOUTUBE channel, HERE.

All Songs Written and Produced by Jonathan Kieran. All Rights Reserved. JERICHO is released by Treehouse Ladder Entertainment in association with Brightbourne Media.

For inquiries regarding licensing of music for film soundtracks and other media projects, please contact the webpage management via CONTACT links above.


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