And his teeth are pearly white …

Great White Sharks are making a tremendous comeback across the planet due to a few decades of environmental/conservational efforts and implemented articles legislation from Australia to Puget Sound. The evidence of shark-recovery is everywhere—not just in the increasingly sensationalistic and exploitative circus that is TV’s SHARK WEEK.

For example, Great white sharks are attacking, eating, and encountering more people than ever before in recorded history due to their increasing numbers and the ability to reach more mature levels of hunting prowess and sheer size. I, for one, could not be happier to see this crucial ecosystem’s revitalization signal a trend toward healthier ocean habitats. Long may they feast upon whatever fare they find delectable upon the cresting waves and amid the murky kelp beds. If you are in the ocean, you are a potential meal. Happy swimmin’!

Or kayaking! Read about this lucky Aussie’s close encounter with a Great White that could have easily flipped him out and swallowed him like an oyster on the half-shell. Better luck next time, Mack.

(Of course, I’m only being flippant. Every human life taken or impacted by the horror of a shark attack represents a genuine tragedy that can sometimes be prevented or avoided. Learn more about the risks of recreational ocean activities and about specific areas around the world that are known to be patrolled by large sharks of any genus. Ask your local lifeguard and wildlife expert and always use the buddy system when entering the ocean unprotected from … well, the ocean.)


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