Just “a normal part of life in Darwin.”

Yeah, that is the takeaway line from this brief story about an eleven-ft. saltwater crocodile ending up in someone’s backyard swimming pool in Darwin, Australia. It can’t be a mere coincidence. I think it’s destiny.

HARRIED AUSSIE MUM: “You kids are driving me nuts today! Get out of this house and go play in the bloody pool for God’s sake!”

KIDDIES: “Last one in is a rotten egg!”

Moments later …

HARRIED AUSSIE MUM: My word, but those kids are screaming louder than ever in that pool. What a lot of ridiculous splashing and shrieking. Well, I’m going to go out there and really give them something to cry about!”

Good luck, Mom. Hey, even crocs have to go where the groceries are plentiful.


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