Increase Your Internet Presence! Handle Deadly Snakes and Take Selfies!

Death is but a small price to pay for viral cyber-status. Even as the autopsy is being performed and your cadaver is donated to medical science, the “Likes” will be piling-up online and your idiocy may be casually perused by bored internet surfers for possibly a month or two! Somebody’s little Princess was lucky, in THIS CASE, but someone else’s won’t be.

[In all seriousness, how a child in Australia, of all places, is raised without a healthy fear of handling unidentified serpents boggles the brain cells. GIRL POWER renders the dimwitted immune, perhaps?]


#EasternBrownSnake #Australia #VenomousSnakes #IdioticBlunders #GetThoseLikes #DumbThingsPeopleDo #JonathanKieranAuthor #JonathanKieranWriter #JonathanKieranArtist #JonathanKieranMusic #CulturalCommentary

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