I Want a Megalodon Tooth

The reputation of this long-extinct prehistoric shark species is now the stuff of legend in contemporary culture, with many “theorists” believing that specimens of the submarine-sized sharks still patrol certain corners of the unfathomed depths. Not bloody likely, but the fact remains that they were once plentiful enough on the earth to leave hundreds and even thousands of fossilized teeth behind. These super-chompers are a coveted prize in the “sharky collectibles” category and one hears of some lucky kid finding one on a beach every now and then. The Megalodon did not enjoy its current level of notoriety when I was a lad, otherwise it would have been impossible to drag me away from the beaches of my youth. I would have set up camp in the moon-washed nights with naught but a flashlight, hunting and haunting the shores for that elusive trapezoidal trophy. And now they tell us there is an entire “graveyard” of such teeth, ripe for the picking. Naturally, it would have to be in Australia. (Sigh)


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