Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: The Night Library of Sternendach


by Jessica Levai (Lanternfish Press) $14.00


Employing the lyrical enchantment of Onegin stanzas, Levai weaves a tale of star-crossed destiny and forbidden love that is at once majestic and resplendent with the delicate brushstrokes of human longing. Kunigunde is the young heroine fated to assume her role in a family’s ongoing detente with the mighty vampire, Graf, but affairs of the heart—both mortal and immortal—come with labyrinthine complications and unforeseen costs in a realm as captivating (and as perilous) as the night library of Sternendach. Levai never loses elegant command of a challenging poetic format as she unveils a riveting tapestry of romantic tragedy with surety and an abundance of soul. The intrepid reader is duly rewarded with a unique and unforgettable literary jewel. As one who has himself composed a contemporary novel entirely in verse, an effort of this stylistic ambition is particularly welcomed and celebrated.

Order The Night Library of Sternendach HERE or at your favorite seller of fine books.


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