First Things First

Be not bewildered or bemused if most of what I post for the next year is largely trivial and comprised of succinct odds and ends. 

Lists have been made, revised, reconfigured, and condensed. Social life shall cease to exist for me (not that I’ve had much of a social life, anyhow) and virtually all other considerations will take a rather distant back seat to the engagement and ultimate completion of the remainder of my life’s artistic work.

In truth, for the past two years since the grievous disturbance of the pandemic, I have been quite busy artistically in the preparatory sense—collating, organizing, researching, compiling, note-taking, and mapping-out the future exactly as I want it to play-out in terms of writing and other acts of brazen craftsmanship. The playing board is set. The pieces are awaiting their orders.

There are seven or eight books I wish to complete before I trip the light fantastic—most of them already in various stages of completion or outline. Since at least five of these considerable efforts will be extensively illustrated by me, the workload will be daunting, to say the least. I would like to have everything completed by the time I enter the next decade of my existence. 

Equally daunting, but doable … if I focus and work with an unwavering spirit of self-discipline. 

This entire enterprise will require a supreme marshaling of the will and even the body; I must take extra care to guard my general health and outlook in order to embark upon the systematic routine to which I plan to adhere.

This blog will essentially be updated on most days with pithy posts and idle links in order to maintain the search engine algorithms and what-not.

I have always wanted to be a monk/scribe. It turns out that, in this world, one can indeed be or become what one desires, for good or for ill.

Here goes …


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