Dive Into a Cintra Wilson Ocean and Swim Like a Happy Dolphin

Cintra Wilson has long been one of America’s premier pop-culture/political commentators and possibly our most scintillating contemporary wordsmith. Her books (A Massive Swelling, Colors Insulting to Nature, Fear and Clothing, etc.) are cult-legendary, as are her longstanding columns and essays written in the halcyon days of Salon.com and, most famously, as The Critical Shopper for none other than The New York Times. Wilson has also been at the forefront of the blogging movement, starting in the early Aughts with the Dregublog. I was one of the featured writers on Ms. Wilson’s whip-cracking Dregublog back in the day and can attest to this lady’s uncompromising standards as an artist and as an editor. [EXCURSUS: Wilson is now freelancing as a top-flight editor for longform works of fiction and non-fiction and she is one of the best in the business, bar none. If your work needs POW! you’d better book her while you can. END EXCURSUS]

More to the point, Wilson is causing a brand new stir over at her marvelous Substack, which has become a resplendent showcase for this dynamo’s multi-faceted talents, which include a wealth of surrealistic, striking, and often poignant paintings. I’ve always been enthralled by Wilson’s output and have often enjoyed promoting her stuff even more than I enjoy promoting my own. (Hey, writers have their own heroes, too, and she’s one of them.) Here I go again, happily.

Dive into the womb-like waters of her no-holds-barred, mesmerizing sentences and moisten your existential outlook by perusing new essays and an archive of wonders at Cintra Wilson Feels Your Pain on Substack. It’s free and you can sign-up and wait breathlessly (as I do) for updates that will help you get to know one of the nation’s premier talents. She wasn’t dubbed “the Dorothy Parker of the cyber-age” for naught. See for yourself and tremble.

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