The Stone Rolled into the Sewer Ages Ago

Rolling Stone Magazine’s recent publication of its list of the 200 Most Influential Musicians or Best Singers of All Time (or whatever) has caused a fair amount of controversy because of the groundbreaking and legendary artists of modern history who were left off the slapdash enumeration. Any group of numbskulls that deigns to include Kelly Fucking Clarkson as one of the 200 Greatest of All Time ANYTHINGS while ignoring colossal talents and pioneers like Judy Garland, Maria Callas, or even Annie Lennox is cognitively emaciated when it comes to objectivity, historical knowledge, perspective, judiciousness, comprehension, and critical thinking capabilities, etc., etc. But the promulgation of such a shitty list should not surprise anyone familiar with the abysmal plunge of Rolling Stone from edgy journalistic bastion in the 1970s to illiterate conglomeration of pseudo-hipster douche kayakers by the very early 2000s. There’s nothing to see there, folks, and there hasn’t been in a relatively long time. Beyonce as one the Ten Greatest talents of All Time. Please. I’m surprised these nitwits didn’t put Tickle Me Elmo in the Top 5. My cat could arrive at a more sensible Top 200, but then again, she’s been properly educated.


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