Don’t Cry for Me, Sacramento

Anyone remember the Great Sacramento Flood of 1862? Few do, relatively speaking. But why bother with remembrance when one can witness the past become present? If only monsoons could wash away entrenched politicos. Alas, they are as barnacles clinging to the hull of human fractiousness. Anyhow, there’s some big ol’ trees down in the capital. And the waters, they do rise.


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1 Comment on “Don’t Cry for Me, Sacramento

  1. Yes,I can see where it would be a pretty safe bet that a person who remembers a flood in the 1860s is probably not thinking of it today.
    But my question might be about the unreasonable demands from Californians for better weather.First they did not care for the drought,no one had.spit in their mouths,apparently.
    Now there’s too MUCH water,no one is happy about landslides,etc.

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