Oh, My Sides (And Possibly the Majority of My Torso)

I do not believe for a nanosecond that these divers/cinematographers have stumbled upon a foolproof way to prevent being attacked by 20ft. great white sharks while free-diving with them. Their method involves swimming directly headlong toward the shark’s gargantuan mouth while the great white is heading toward them. Yeah, that’s a genius move. One of these brain-trusts claims, “If you remain stationary in the water, you’re dead.” How the hell would he know? Did he remain stationary in the water as a monster great white approached and end-up dead (thus fully eliminating the possibly that he would live to tell people that remaining stationary guarantees death-by-shark in open water.) Please! Has anyone ever seen a seal swim directly toward a shark’s mouth while being approached? No. They perform acrobatic evasive maneuvers to the sides while keeping the shark well in sight.

What sort of ganja do these adrenalin-junkies smoke before plunging into the oceans? Forget about how stupid they might be, how stupid do they think we are? There are documented cases of people leaping off boats for a dive and landing right into the waiting jaws of big white sharks. Kinda puts paid to the “swim straight for their jaws” strategy. Humans.


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1 Comment on “Oh, My Sides (And Possibly the Majority of My Torso)

  1. Well,there is no denying that it would be REALLY something to see someone jump off of a boat into the waiting open jaws of a Great White.Of course I would not get any real pleasure from it.Maybe just a smidge,if that dim bulb was a Trumper. (Go on in there now,nothing to fear,nothing to see…)
    No sane person would ever want to see such a thing,unless maybe there was an Idiot Wind involved.

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