And the Greatest Hits Keep On Rolling

It’s hardly a secret that, from North to South, the State of California is getting its butt kicked by wave after wave of “atmospheric river” storms that are taking out roads, obliterating coastlines, bursting dams, flooding riverbanks, and generally contributing the to wanton proliferation of mold in structures both domestic and governmental. Of course, no entrenched politician has yet been washed out to sea, to my present knowledge, so this remains an unforgivable liability to the entire storm systems. When a walled and guarded estate belonging to some greedy, grasping potentate has been swept into the Pacific along with its owner, swirling into a salty vortex as ravenous as Charybdis or Scylla (rather than simply swirling around the toilet bowl, as usual) we shall rethink our assessment of this storm as one worthy of being labeled, “particularly cleansing.”

Meanwhile, have a look at what Mama Nature is doing to moribund spots like Santa Cruz and Capitola. It’s a start!


#CaliforniaDreaming #AtmosphericRivers #StormsOfTheCentury

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