All We Hear is Yadda Yadda Blah Blah

With everyone and his/her brother/mother/son/father/sister/pet styling themselves as “authors” these days, with nary a shred of experience (much less innate talent) and no desire to pay some serious dues in the trenches, I have little faith in this advice from Forbes. The market is glut, glut, glutted. You want a book to succeed? Publish it traditionally, i.e. query it, have it accepted and funded and released by someone or some editorial panel other than YOURSELF—indie or big house—then promote the living hell out of it for as long as you need to do so. If you publish on your own, your work had better be fifteen times better than the offal many traditional pubbers are churning-out these days and then you still need to promote the work with more savvy and resources than you ever dreamed might be necessary. In other words, you need some official recognition from a reputable reviewer and/or a “hit.” Until then, all the Zoom events in the world will not avail you if no one shows up to watch. Think outside the box, chickens. Exhausted, yet?


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