That’s a Helluva Lot of Cat Chow

One simply has to SEE IT AND READ ABOUT IT to experience the toothsome and curious melange of schadenfreude/enthrallment … laced with with a soupçon of existential seemliness.

Was this a case wherein an epitome of gluttonous human arrogance and indolence received its just desserts? Hmmm. You be the judge. I, for one, cannot seem to summon a tear for that [clearly undernourished] “hunter” and, instead, find myself cheering for the Mighty Puss that delivered the coup-de-claw on our blob of gras.

It seems entirely plausible that this exemplary homo sapien may have perished in the midst of an event he greatly enjoyed—a FEEDING. (If so, one must applaud the universe and its little ironies, doled-out in precious increments, as they are, from time to time.)

Humans: I do declare that I despair.


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