Tragic Nibble Launches 2023 Great White Shark Hit-List

There are a number of things that seem a tad fishy (no pun intended) about THIS HORRIFIC NEWS story. If the poor guy was 50 feet beneath the surface collecting mollusks, then how did his buddies up on the boat see him attacked by a shark, much less be able to gauge the Great White’s considerable length at 19ft? (Visibility from any ocean’s surface—even on the clearest day—does not allow for a clear perspective of anything beyond ten or fifteen feet, at best.) As for the boat captain’s chillingly clinical remarks about the shark’s “impressive” decapitation-skills, I am going to presume that something was lost in the translation from Spanish to English. Yeah, uh huh.

At all events, it appears a most unfortunate man has lost his life by “desperate diving” to put food on his family table, even though the waters off that particular portion of Mexico are notorious for increased Great White Shark activity during this particular time of the year and many area divers have suffered financially, avoiding the coastal waters for that very reason. Desperation is a dangerous game, folks, no matter how one approaches it.

Well, we can be certain that the poor fellow didn’t feel a thing, if a behemoth 19ft female Great White Shark took his head off on the first pass. For a shark of that size, such a move would be nothing more than a brief nibble, a “gumming”—it would require more effort for one of us to pop a ripe grape off a cluster with our lips.

RIP, Mr. Lopez, Mexican Mollusk Diver. You died in the bosom of Mother Ocean earning an honest living, which is more than can be said for many men in your otherwise beautiful part of the world.


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