Big Shark News: Mexico Bans Great White Cage-Diving

Am I surprised by THIS MOVE? A little bit, to be honest. “Shark Tourism” = Big American Dollars for Mexico and thrills for those who dream of encountering gigantic Great Whites gliding through the briny off Guadaloupe Island each year. Even so, “hurrah” to Mexican environmental authorities. Shark Week TV ratings may be impacted, but the proliferation of sightseeing companies and tours devoted to cage-diving is an almost grotesque intrusion upon fragile Great White Shark ecosystems and these splendid animals do not need to associate humans with the food sources used to attract them to caged underwater voyeurs.

Some longtime, responsible entrepreneurs will lose their livelihoods, and that is not a thing to celebrate at all, but here’s hoping that at least some of them will retain sustainable privileges when it comes to assisting scientists who continue to study and document the activities of the majestic predators that continue to frequent such beautifully eerie waters. I presume that scientific explorations and cage-dives will still be allowed. All in all, this is a good thing for the sharks and could be a good thing for certain tour guides—winnowing-out the less-responsible enterprises and bolstering those companies best-equipped to aid researchers in their quest for knowledge about My Favorite Denizen O’ the Deep.


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