Planning a Dino-Vacation?

Some people plan their vacations around culinary hotspots around the globe, eager to gorge themselves into gluttonous euphoria on the gastronomic delights of Paris or Barcelona or, let’s face it, all of Italy. Other folk prefer to organize getaways intended to tempt the gods of Death, embarking on African safaris in pursuit of famished lion prides or BASE-jumping excursions wherein the slightest wrinkle in your bat-winged flying suit might turn you into cliffside foie gras.

Still others prefer to drink their daiquiris with the little paper umbrellas in places where dinosaur fossils might be poking out of the earth. If that fits your description of an ideal vacation, start booking flights to THESE PLACES. Me? Drop me off at a major ancient Egyptian temple and leave me alone for several days. I’ll be fine, but that’s another story.


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