Just Bring On the Asteroid, Already

Apparently, several hundred “books” written entirely by some chatty Chinese Artificial Intelligence computer program are currently listed as being for sale to consumers on Amazon.


Forget talent, craft, personal ingenuity, originality, the quest for ideas, and the effort required to develop objective skills and master innate talents.

Dimwit fuckwads incapable of proper ass-wiping are now able to plug a few “keywords” into an AI program and that program will subsequently dump a “book” out of its android asshole.

“OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! I’m an ARTIST! A real, livin’, breathin’ artist!”

Contemporary “culture” and its adherents have already been dumbed-down to the point of snot-eating absurdity; books being published by major publishing houses today often have all the eloquence and craftsmanship of a series of back-and-forth texts by autistic 12 year-old girls with educations as malformed as their minds. I do not exaggerate. Young authors, in particular, are publishing pieces of festering, flyblown bullshit that make the worst Harlequin romances and old pulp “novels” of yore read like the fucking Dialogues of Plato, by comparison.

Oh, this Age is going to FRY—sooner rather than later. Mark my words, which do not come from AI, but which emanate directly from that dreary, obsolete coagulation of slimy cells known as “grey matter.”

FRY. 🔥


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