Let the Monuments Draw You In … and the Food Keep You Dazzled: Conde Nast “Eats Across Egypt”

Conde Nast is still worth the price of publication, folks. Yes, even in this market that finds print magazines struggling to stay alive and forced to raise their prices to sometimes eye-bleeding levels, they deliver superior content. Beautiful monthlies like Conde Nast continue to rule the roost and remain stalwart beacons for the exotically inclined traveler. The free material they provide online perusers only bolsters their outstanding place among travel-oriented magazines. Case and point is THIS NEW ARTICLE on the culinary delights to be discovered amid the ruins, bazaars, and ancient mysteries across the length and breadth of Egypt. As a frequent visitor to the Land of the Pharaohs I can vouch for the deliciousness and diversity of North African food. This article is a gem that should interest everyone, whether planning a trip to see the wonders of the ancient world or not. Wonderfully written and appointed piece. Enjoy!


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