Wait’ll You See the AI Stuff Replacing all that Dusty Crap in the Louvre!

So, such and such claims it’s a coinkydink that actual human writers are being laid off and replaced by Artificial Intelligence “journalists”. Whull. Color me shocked.

For crying out loud, either this phenomenon is already in full swing at many major media outlets or else it might as well be, because a lot of current news copy (whoever/whatever is writing it) reads like something emerging unfiltered and “live” from the brain of a grand mal stroke victim suffering from a side-order of rabid squirrels juggling ginsu knives inside a cracked and leaking cranium.

We’re in Late Phases, assholes and elbows, and we’ve been in Late Phases for just over a century (which is a mere dust mote in the purview of Time) and I can’t wait until Robot Murder Hornets take over and restore global balance … leaving the planet to iguanas, which in an additional 150M years will be sitting on couches, beating their recalcitrant kids with chanclas, masticating Cheetos, and blissfully unconcerned as the sun prepares to explode at last.


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