Egyptian Tourism on the Upswing

THIS IS GOOD NEWS to those of us who treasure the ongoing preservation of ancient Egyptian monuments, the development of that nation’s crucial tourist-based economy, and the fortunes of dear friends actually living in Egypt and working as tour guides or archaeologists. The pandemic took almost all the wind out of the felluca’s sails, so to speak, but it seems things are getting back on track. I think I have one more visit left in me, but we’ll see what direction the “state of the world” decides to take in the coming years. Sanity and stability shall be the bywords of any hour that sees me return to the Land of the Pharaohs. I’m not especially optimistic, in general, but a trip to Egypt remains highly recommended for the devil-may-care sojourner. That was me, once upon a time. I don’t need that trait anymore, outside of artistry, because I have done it all, baby. Everything else shall be gravy.


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