Dinosaur Head in Scotland Puts Locals Right Off Their Haggis

The residents of cheerful Cullen, Scotland, are in an uproar (no pun intended) over an apparently semi-toothless antiques dealer who propped a gigantic, psychedelically painted dinosaur-head on top of his store/home in an effort to “put a smile on people’s faces” and ostensibly sell the monstrosity to an interested buyer.

Whull, the dude’s first mistake may have been rooted in any attempt to conjure smiles on the faces of Scottish folk. I believe the annals of history show that the last time a Scot actually smiled was when town cryer Orfyydus MacDufflebug spread word that the Huns had finally sacked Rome.

At all events, as is the case in breezy seaside towns across the globe, anyone with the temerity to erect a colorful monster over the doorstep soon incurs the wrath of local busybodies who abandon platefuls of Spotted Dick and gather their pitchforks, torches, and petitions of complaint. Imagine being a dusty ole town council suddenly faced with the fury of a Scottish “Karen” in high dudgeon, hissing about “the bloody oogly tumpty-tumptysaurus wot the crack’d antiques fewl hersted onto ‘is rewftop! The bloody thing peeks in me windew of a night ‘n’ catches me takin’ off me knickers.”

Dare to be different at your own peril, folks, but I think Scotland could use a bit o’ colorful mischief, meself. You don’t have to read the story to believe it, but IT HELPS.


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