FANTASTIC Sharky Footage from Field & Stream

Ah, yes, THIS is the kind of superior, perfectly captured, gloriously framed, and exquisitely timed footage that admirers of Great White Sharks (like your host) salivate to see. WATCH this outstanding clip via the ever-honorable Field & Stream and be as awestruck as the next landlubber or Old Salt; truly, when footage of this unique caliber is obtained, the impact is undeniable and well worth a watch for all viewers.

BRIEF BACK STORY: Some fishermen and a Stanford researcher are reeling-in a bluefin tuna for the evening’s meal when they are met with a bit of a surprise. My only beef with this article, FIELD & STREAM, is that nowhere in the body of the account is any attempt made to identify the location (or relative location) of this stunning encounter. “Pacific” doesn’t cut it, chickens. If you’ve forgotten to include the “where” aspect of your reportage, you need a refresher in Journalism 101. Which I am pleased to have just rendered unto you in my previous sentence. Spill the deets, gang! You’re still one of American history’s most respected bastions covering outdoor sport and activity. Don’t scrimp on the info!


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